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Stay current with our migration plan.

As Windows Server 2003’s end-of-life rapidly approaches, you may be wondering how to adapt. If you’re still running Windows Server 2003 on any of your infrastructure, you need a thorough migration plan to ensure continuity of service and prevent any vulnerabilities down the road.

NetFire’s migration plan has all the features you need. Our engineers can help you move to a new, fully-supported platform so we can provide the security and support you expect – we consult with you to create a customized migration strategy that gives you all the concrete benefits of up-to-date software, with plenty of lead time for a smooth transition.

Why You Should Migrate

  • windows server 2003 eol Cost Without updates, Windows Server 2003 will be more costly to operate, along with the workloads you run on it.
  • windows server 2003 eol Security When support ends, bug fixes and security updates end along with it, making any infrastructure still running old software highly vulnerable.
  • windows server 2003 eol Compliance Running outdated software makes it more difficult for your organization to meet a wide range of certifications and can result in costly, cumbersome audits.

Moving to a whole new platform might sound complicated, but NetFire keeps it simple.

Here is how we create your custom-built migration strategy, step by step.

  1. windows server 2003 eol Assess Our dedicated staff assesses your infrastructure to determine which of your applications and workloads still depend on Windows Server 2003.
  2. windows server 2003 eol Organize We consult with you to decide how you need specific types of data migrated – we can categorize your apps and workloads by type, importance, and/or complexity.
  3. windows server 2003 eol Plan Choose a destination for each of your applications – move to a new Windows platform on a dedicated or cloud server.
  4. windows server 2003 eol Act Our engineers execute a smooth, hassle-free migration plan that fits your unique needs.

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